protect educational freedom

Will not withhold education funding

Elected leaders on both sides agree that fully funding education should be a top priority in Missouri, yet Governor Nixon has withheld millions of dollars from our schools and blames them on budget constraints. Budgets are about priorities, and as governor, I will uphold my constitutional duty to support public education. I will not withhold DESE funding to compensate for the out-of-control spending in other areas of government like Medicaid expansion. I will work with the legislature to ensure that the explosive Medicaid spending is curtailed and Missouri's schools can become fully funded.


Continue advocating for school choice

Missouri's public school system was designed 150 years and is no longer suitable to the 21st century. Our schools need more competition and more innovation. I have long led the fight for school choice and more options for parents across our state by passing the first bill creating charter schools in Missouri. Charter schools have been a beacon of light to inner-city families who are trapped in failing schools.


Cut DESE bureaucracy

No one ever says they wish there was more unnecessary government bureaucracy, especially when it comes to education. Yet, Missouri spends over $300,000,000 per year on “Financial and Administrative Services” at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As governor, I will find ways to create efficiencies, eliminate waste, and trim bureaucracy at DESE. The money we save will be used to increase funding for the Foundation Formula and to send more resources toward the classroom instead of useless bureaucracy. 


Continue Resisting Common Core

Common Core is a heavy handed “top-down” approach of educational standards dictated to us by a distant and out of touch federal government. Thus far, conservatives in Missouri have been successful in resisting Common Core in our state. But the fight will not cease. We must have a governor who is willing to stand up to the federal government and keep the control in the hands of locally elected school boards and our teachers and parents. As governor, you can count on me to continue opposing Common Core and leaving the control in the hands of those who know our students and families best.


Institute pro-growth policies, and use the additional revenue to fund our schools

Education is one of the most important functions of government, and the Foundation Formula, the method to ensure each school has adequate funding, continues to be underfunded. We must enact pro-growth policies, such as Right-to-Work, that have been shown to expand states’ economies. As governor, I will put any additional revenues generated toward education first.


Meet quarterly with the Education Roundtable

The Missouri Education Roundtable is a consortium of the leaders of the major public school organizations in Missouri (MNEA, MSTA, MSBA, etc.). As governor, I will pledge to meet with our Education Roundtable quarterly. Meeting on a regular and consistent basis will provide excellent opportunities for two-way communication between the executive branch and the experts on Missouri’s educational system, so that we can ensure the needs of our students are being heard and met.

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