peter kinder on the issues

While my opponents are slinging mud and acting like children, I'm focused on the issues that matter, like cutting taxes, fighting crime, and defending your rights. I'm running for governor with a commonsense conservative agenda to unite Missouri and make our state competitive again.

Maintain law and order

The first role of government is to enforce and maintain law and order. Missouri's next governor must be committed to supporting our law enforcement officers, reducing crime, and making our streets safe again. That has been the top priority of my campaign and will be the top priority of my administration.


As governor, I will focus on job creating measures that bring quality and sustainable jobs to our state and make Missouri a better place to live and work. We must retain our smart young minds to stay in Missouri and recruit other talented hardworking individuals to move here.

protect educational freedom

Elected leaders on both sides agree that fully funding education should be a top priority in Missouri, yet Governor Nixon has withheld millions of dollars from our schools and blames them on budget constraints. Budgets are about priorities, and as governor, I will uphold my constitutional duty to support public education.

deliver healthcare

All Missourians deserve access to quality health care, but Medicaid spending continues to consume a large and ever-increasing portion of our state’s budget. As governor, I will instead support Medicaid reforms as charging Medicaid patients for missed appointments.



I support a minimum of at least a two year waiting period before a Missouri legislator can become a lobbyist, a ban on lobbyists gifts to legislators and statewide elected officials, and effective reforms that will increase transparency and clean-up campaign finance in Missouri.