Born & raised in Cape Girardeau, Born to Serve Missouri

Peter attended Cape Girardeau Public Schools and continued his education at Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Missouri- Columbia. He graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas in 1979 and was admitted to the Missouri Bar.
From 1981 to 1983, Kinder was a member of U.S. Rep. Bill Emerson’s Washington, D.C. staff and then worked as an attorney and real estate representative for Drury Industries. In 1987, he became associate publisher of the Southeast Missourian newspaper in Cape Girardeau.
Prior to his election as Lieutenant Governor, Kinder served for 12 years in the Missouri Senate, representing the counties of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Mississippi, Perry and Scott. 
Kinder is a member of the United Methodist Church, Beta Theta Pi social fraternity, Missouri Farm Bureau, Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club. He is active in many civic causes, including extensive work with the Nature Conservancy, the American Cancer Society and Boy Scouts of America.



Peter Kinder is running for Governor with a commonsense agenda to unify our state and grow liberty and opportunity. Peter seeks to make Missouri competitive again so that people want to move here, stay here, and create jobs. As a trusted conservative leader fighting for Missouri, that is what Governor Peter Kinder intends to do.


Right to Carry.  Peter led Missouri Republicans in the fight to pass right to carry, and he holds the NRA’s highest A+ rating.

Fought for Missouri.  Kinder was the only statewide elected voice for the people and businesses of Ferguson as Koster and Nixon stood by and did nothing to prevent the riots and looting.  

Fought to Repeal Obamacare. Standing with 72% of Missouri voters, Kinder led Missouri’s only legal challenge to the constitutionality of Obamacare. Ultimately, 21 states joined him to support the lawsuit.  

Built Republican Majorities.  Kinder has dedicated his career to Republican leadership. While still in his 20’s, he led Southeast Missouri’s first successful Republican congressional election since 1928. In 2001, Kinder secured the first Republican legislative majority in both houses in 53 years, becoming the first Republican President Pro-Tem of the Senate since 1948. 


Maintain Law and Order. The first responsibility of state government is to preserve order. In the last year, there has been a vacuum of leadership created by Jay Nixon and Chris Koster. 

Grow Jobs and Opportunity. Creating a job friendly environment through Right to Work and comprehensive tax reform is the only way for government to grow jobs. Using the models of Texas, Florida and Wisconsin, Missouri will become competitive again. 

Protect Educational Freedom. Peter will continue his fight for comprehensive educational reform, including school choice, the spread of charter schools and opposition to federal overreach including Common Core.

Deliver Healthcare. Jay Nixon, Chris Koster and plaintiff’s attorneys have placed Missouri among the nation’s least attractive states for physicians. With meaningful tort and medical malpractice liability reform, Missouri can attract more physicians and create more access. Peter will also continue his effort to make healthcare accessible in Missouri’s rural areas and urban cores, supporting Federally Qualified Health Clinics.

Control Spending. Through comprehensive ethics reform we can create greater transparency and accountability in our state and its government. Peter's history of cutting spending and returning unused budgets each year as Lieutenant Governor will extend to every facet of government.