ST. LOUIS (KDNL) - Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder made the formal announcement Sunday afternoon in Dellwood. He was joined by local leaders from North St. Louis County on both sides of the aisle.

VIDEO CLIP--{>}Lt. Governor Peter Kinder with an exclusive interview with The Allman Report Monday.

Kinder was introduced by Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, who said he supports Kinder because he says weak leadership in Jefferson City lead to unrest and violence in Ferguson.

Missouri State Senator Tommie Pierson, Dellwood Mayor Reggie Jones, and Paul Berry, a potential challenger for US House Representative Lacey Clay.

In remarks to the crowd, Kinder says problems with leadership at the state level have lead to problems in municipalities like Ferguson.

He cited unaccredited schools like Normandy, from where Michael Brown graduated. Kinder says these schools prep students for a life of poverty, a trip to a penitentiary, and an early grave.

Kinder also voiced support for allowing ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in St. Louis.