As our nation mourns our fellow Americans who lost their lives in the senseless act of terrorism that occurred in Orlando earlier this month, the ability of Americans to protect themselves is more important than ever. Senate Bill 656 was an important step in that direction, as it would have enacted Constitutional Carry and provided Missourians a greater ability to defend ourselves and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.


This morning, Governor Nixon vetoed the bill, calling it an “extreme step” and claiming that it will take away “the ability of sheriffs to protect their communities.” As a relentless defender of the Second Amendment and our Constitution, I am disappointed in Governor Nixon’s veto and encourage the General Assembly to overturn it.

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In light of recent events, the urge to pass new laws to protect Americans and help prevent further attacks has moved to the forefront of our national conversation. First and foremost in any consideration of new legislation should be the security and protection of our fellow Americans. Of equal weight must be the preservation of all Americans’ constitutional rights.

There are ample laws already on the books aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of violent criminals and individuals with mental illness. We don’t need new gun laws; we need the will to enforce the laws we have, yet there are real obstacles to this goal. 

If the intent of new gun laws being considered is to save lives, it’s clear that banning certain types of guns will fail in that regard. Criminals will simply ignore the laws and use illegal means to access the guns they want. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves will have been curtailed.

Rather than restricting Americans’ constitutional right to firearms, we should encourage more responsible citizens to receive firearms training and consider purchasing a gun for the safety of themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

I've always fought to protect your Second Amendment rights, and as governor, I will continue to fight for you. Join me in the fight to protect our constitutional freedoms.