JEFFERSON CITY  Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder today issued the following statement regarding appalling revelations surrounding Eric Greitens' largest donor:

"While I have defended Eric Greitens in the past, I cannot support him and his current refusal to call out this heinous behavior by his largest donor - Michael Goguen. Mr. Greitens' campaign has defended the allegations against Goguen by saying they first need to "sort out the facts." A shocking response.

"I waited before speaking out, in hopes that Mr. Greitens would do the right thing, as others have, and return the money. Three days later, he hasn't.

"Sequoia Capital found the allegations against Goguen, and the behavior he has admitted thus far, to be so egregious that he was forced to resign. Governor John Kasich, Republican presidential candidate, wasted no time in donating the $250k from Goguen to charity. Mr. Greitens should do the same. Instead, he is holding fast to Goguen's $1 million contribution. 

"I'm simply astounded that Eric Greitens would stand with Michael Goguen, a non-Missourian and California resident, and refuse to return funds from such a contaminated source. That kind of money has no business in Missouri. Why is Mr. Greitens, whose entire campaign is based on attacking corruption and dishonesty in politics, holding his largest donor to a lesser standard than he holds everyone else?

“Is the one-million dollars that Eric Greitens received from Goguen more important than the virtues he claims to fight for?”